About Us

We partner with reputable CDC approved & CLIA certified laboratories in our area.

Glenbrook Health is a community-focused medical practice which was formed to serve the community in response to the global fight against SARS – coV-2 (Covid-19). We do so by offering varying forms of testing with timely and reliable results. Glenbrook Health partners with communities, villages, and towns to strengthen public health and safety.

Safeguarding the health of everyone during these times is of utmost importance, we are on a mission to help stop the spread of the virus. Giving people the comfort that they need to be around one another by getting tested regularly. Let’s bring an end to this pandemic by taking all the necessary precautions so that we can once again safely be around one another.

No Insurance Needed

Onsite testing at no cost

for participants with no insurance.

Simple & Painfree

Easy instructions to follow

and effortless collection method.

Turnaround Duration

Fast results within 24-48

hours of the lab receiving the kit.

Trusted & Reliable

We partner with CDC

approved and CLIA-certified labs.